Jakarta (15/9) - The last super moon in 2014 captured from South Jakarta (9/9).

Jakarta (15/9) - The last super moon in 2014 captured from South Jakarta (9/9).

Jakarta (8/9) - Visiting local tailor for clothes modification at Bandung (31/8).

Jakarta (26/8) - Vespa Convoy Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day at Kemang, Jakarta (17/8).

Jakarta (31/7) - Happy Idul Fitri 1435 H (2014) from Damai Musyawarah 54 and 54a Family at Jakarta (28/7).

Jakarta (28/7) - Parenting at Eid al-Fitri 2014 (28/7).

One day there will be time for us, as moslem parents, to introduce our children about the essence of Eid al-Fitri. Kids probably know it for time to eat and stop doing fasting ritual which already happened for a month. But when I saw those kids hanging on their parents hand, I think they already entitled to be informed that it is more than just big meal for family. Eid al-Fitri is a day of forgiveness.

Happy Eid al-Fitri everyone. Enjoy the meal and have a good life ahead.

Presidential Election Day, 9 July 2014

Today, 9 July 2014, is a big day for Indonesia. Indonesian use their right to choose president for for 2014 - 2019 period.

Indonesian already receive a lot of exposure and information about each president candidates, Mr. Prabowo and Mr. Jokowi. We tried to digest every information which some of them came from unreliable source, some of them subjectively came from candidate supporter side, but of course there were facts that we read and/or heard (I guess it was fact).

In my view, our democracy is like a baby learning how to walk. We probably start walking now. Although I might say we learn it in not ideal way. We mostly became competitive supporter. We tried to defeat each other when supporting our favorite candidate. it caused family become temporary distance or friends starting to fight even only through social media. This is not what we expected from democracy, I guess.

I hope in the future our people learn how to observe each candidate in more objective and constructive way. Comparing each positive side rather than try to ruin other candidate reputation through black campaign. I hope in the future we are able to tolerate differences among us. Because anyway, one of the candidates will be our leader and we must support him/her because not many individuals are able to lead this huge country. Nobody is perfect. Nobody.

Rather than we mock and warn each other what cause that can be occurred because of one candidate won the election, it is better if we start preparing ourselves. Get ready for the change that he/she will bring. We better be a supportive rather than talk-much-do-less citizen.

Let’s start building our country together. Election is a celebration of freedom to say out loud our choice and being responsible for every results that we encounter. Respect others, cooperate, and start doing what we can for our country.

For Indonesia.

On 4 May 2014, we know it as May The Fourth day for Star Wars fans, Me and Ayu held our engagement day at Bandung in house of Bapak Mbong. It was a special day for us since it was the first formal ceremony which started our wedding ritual.

I would like to say thank you to all our friends and relatives who kindly give their time by coming into our engagement day. I would like to say thank you to CEBI, our friend who help us photograph all moment in this event. Thank you for the great pictures. They meant so much for us.

I hope everything goes well after this. Have a nice day and happy election day for Indonesian.

Jakarta (12/5) - National Museum at Jakarta (10/5). “Untuk Kepentingan Masyarakat Umum” - For Public Interest - is the first sentence that shown in official website of National Museum Jakarta. National Museum is located at Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No. 12, Jakarta, Indonesia. It contains Indonesian cultural heritage which collected from all around Indonesia. Artifacts which exhibited in National Museum included historical evidence from other country that has close relationship with Indonesia development such as China, Netherland, Portugal, Spain and also other countries around Indonesia. It opens every Tuesday (08:00 - 16:00) to Sunday (08:00 - 17:00). For more information, you can open it in its official website which I linked here.