Pekalongan (2/4) - Paragita first concert for 2014 at Goether Haus, Jakarta (22/3). Paragita is choir group from University of Indonesia (UI) which already involved in many national and international choir event. Paragita was established in 1983 by Drs. Max Rukmarata (Literature Faculty UI lecturer) , Liliek Sugiarto (Trainer) dan AG. Sudibyo (Political and Philosophy Science-UI Students). In this concert, Paragita showed their latest arrangement by combining pop, jazz, and classic music. This concert is their activity starter for 2014.

Pekalongan (5/3) - Photographs of PT Segayung plantation at Batang regency, Central Java Province (4/3/2014).

PT Segayung is one of the oldest Indonesia plantation that built at Dutch colonialism era. PT Segayung itself, previously working on tapioca flour production through making community cooperation in cassava plantation. It already changed ownership several times, but nowadays they are focusing more on sugarcane plantation. PT Segayung is one of the company that able to cope with social turbulence and making good partnership with local community.

Social turbulence is a common situation that should be faced by company if their works will involve local people. Company needs to understand local culture in their location and apply the correct approach through various ways.

Jakarta, 14 Jan 2014

Another family photo. It’s been awhile since last time I take their picture. Well, if you recognized, my brother grows a lot since last time.